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Ballet: Focuses on proper body alignment, technique, athleticism, grace, musicality, and dance vocabulary. Youth develop flexibility, strength, coordination, better posture, and confidence.

Jazz: Focuses on proper body alignment, dance vocabulary,technique, flexibility, and strength. Jazz also uses elements of social dances (urban dances,Salsa,etc.) in its dance vocabulary.

Hip Hop: A dance form integrating social dances, house dances, funk styles, popping, locking, b-boy/b-girling (breakdancing), Salsa, capoeira, and gymnastics.

B-Boying/B-Girling  (Breakdancing): A dance form integrating up rock, footwork, freezes, Salsa, power moves and improvisation. Youth develop strength, confidence, musicality, and acrobatic skills.

Jumps and Turns: Builds on jazz and ballet vocabulary with a focus on leaps, turns, and floor work.

Yoga: A movement form that uses yoga postures, meditation techniques, breathing exercises and yoga principles. Youth develop strength, flexibility, and mental focus.

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