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What classes do you offer?

We offer training in Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Stretch for Ballet, Circus, and Martial Arts, Yoga,Circus Arts, and Martial Arts. Special workshops may be available throughout the year.

Is there a dress code?

Yes, all classes except hip hop and yoga have a dress code.

Are instructors professional artists or hobbyists?

Our youth program features instructors who are professional artists and teachers who have trained, performed, directed, composed, and created arts and wellness based curriculum.

Can I just use the adult ten class card for my child's classes?

No. The adult class card can only be used for the adult dance and fitness classes.

Can my child take the adult classes? Can they train in these classes instead of the youth program?

Special permission must be given for your child to take adult level classes. Please note the focus on adult classes are different than a child's class and are geared towards fitness/workout, stress reduction, etc. through the lens of an art or wellness form. Youth programs focus on all of the tools necessary for your child to explore, progress, and/or excel. And of course, we must take in to account that children's motor and cognitive skills are different than adults and develop gradually over time and consistent training.

I thought art was supposed to be fun. Why can't my child just do whatever they want when they participate in an art form?

Our youth programs focus on the fun, creativity, focus, and discipline of an art form. Our goal is that with this formula every youth participant understands, experiences, and practices the keys to continued success and development in all areas of their life experiences.

Can I watch my child during class and give them suggestions during the class?

We respect that many of our parents may have past training or have current training in a form and suggestions may want to be given. Feel free to do this at home as your child shows you what they learned. However, during class this can be a distraction for your child, others in the class, and may not support the lesson plan or curriculum focus. Additionally, please remember children's motor skills, cognitive skills, strength, flexibility, and attention to understanding and executing detail occurs over time and consistent training.


Should they focus on only one art form? 

Did you know that many professional artists and athletes train in various and complimentary styles to enhance their abilities? From dancers to martial artists and football players, various training that includes dance, stretch, yoga, floor barre, acrobatics, music and more are used to aid development. For children we always suggest at least two forms. 

My child likes ballet. If they also do other classes like hip hop will that hurt their technique?

We always support exposing children to different art forms. Did you know that some of the most famous ballet dancers like Carlos Acosta, Rasta Thomas and others of American Ballet Theater started as folk dancers, breakdancers or martial artists? So taking other classes can support your child and awaken a continued curiosity for the arts.


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