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Marble Surface

Photo: Students in Hip Hop/ Acro class at
our former Brooklyn studio

Youth Programs

World Arts East offers recreational and pre-professional training. Our goal is to make sure your child feels comfortable in class, is challenged, and receives the necessary tools to explore, progress, and excel. In the simplest of terms, no one knows if your child will be the next phenomenal artist or creator. But, we can definitely give the tools they will need if they decide this in the future.


All instructors at our studio are professional artists who've performed globally and are still actively creating, performing, and directing. We're committed to giving your child training that features the positive benefits of studying an art form. This includes the following: creativity, respect, fun with new friends, discipline, understanding how to respond to challenges, etiquette, leadership skills, enhancing mental focus, refining motor skills, and increased strength and flexibility.

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