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We have a required dress code for all youth students enrolled in our programs. This helps to promote an understanding of discipline, respecting classroom etiquette, working together as an ensemble when necessary, and most importantly safety for your child and others. Hair should be pulled back away from the face and jewelry should be removed. Youth over 5 and enrolled in ballet should place hair in a bun.

Ballet, Jazz, World Dance - 5 years and under (girls)

Pale Pink leotard, tights (flesh colored or white), ballet slippers



Ballet, Jazz, Turns/ Jumps, Ballroom Kids, Stretch for Dance and Martial Arts -

6 years and over (girls)

Light Blue leotard, tights (flesh colored or pink), ballet slipper color should match the color of tights. Dancers may also choose to wear a warm up top and/or fitted dance romper at the beginning of class to help cold muscles.

Boys in Ballet and Jazz should wear black or white shirt, black tights, and black ballet slippers



Yoga and Hip Hop - Comfortable t-shirt, pants, shorts or leggings. Please make sure the clothing is appropriate for a youth class as many of our classes include tumbling and inversions and have male and female students or teachers.


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